British Bizarre 4 – The Pet

British Bizarre 4 - The Pet

Jennifer and her master, the ultra-bizarre couple from the British Bizarre series return for more extreme scat and piss adventures. This time, the decided to spiff up their weekend with a special treat. A scat slavegirl they can train and use as their personal toilet. Ingrid is as dirty and perverted as this couple so soon brown and yellow treats galore are released in eager, wide open mouths. Only for lovers of extreme toilet sex.

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British Bizarre 5 (Enema Slave Girl) – Hightide-Video

British Bizarre 5 (Enema Slave Girl) - Hightide-Video

England’d most extreme couple returns for more bizarre bronw action. Filthy piss, shit, and vomit games with Jennifer and her Master – this time with a special focus on turning slave Jennifer into a capable enema slave. She gleefully takes the liquids up her bowel and received the same back from her master’s ass.

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The Brown Throne – Hightide-Video

The Brown Throne - Hightide-Video

Hightide proudly presents a first glimpse into the amazing world of submissive shit slut Rieke! She turned up at the shoot with her master and their custom-built feeding chair, eager to reveal to the world how she gets off at home: by rubbing herself to a frenzy while she swallows her own and her master’s piss and shit over and over again. No doubt that Rieke is a true connoisseur, so please enjoy the sight of a happy sub reaching multiple orgasms as a well-trained human toilet under her master’s brown throne!

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Private Scat Slave – Hightide-Video

Private Scat Slave - Hightide-Video

Pretty ladies playing in their feces, munching piss and shit like filthy, dirty pigs – Regina and Maisy play hard in this film and the meeting of the two women is a true shitlover’s delight. No afficionade of the scat scene won’t be turned on when he sees Regina stuffing Maisy’s fresh feces into her mouth and waits for Maisy to pleasure her with deep, brown tongue kisses in every orifice.

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Little Scat Riding Hood – Hightide-Video

Little Scat Riding Hood - Hightide-Video

Mia is back, now as the not-so-innocent little riding hood who gets punished for peeing from the wrong bridge. After being disciplined, fucked and used as a toilet by the nasty henchman of Pantygirl and Kelly, she is handed over to the perverted ladies of the house for an all-girl piss and shit swallowing feast entirely to Mia’s taste…and so they lived happily ever after!

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PrettyLisa In Amsterdam – Hightide-Video

PrettyLisa In Amsterdam - Hightide-Video

It has been quiet for a while around Prettylisa but now it is time for a filthy return. Lisa came to visit us in Amsterdam and not just for sightseeing. Full-on scat sex is the name of the game and if you are familiar with this super-extreme lady you know she is one of the dirtiest scat girls around. Heavy shit games with three males and another lady made Lisa’s trip to Europe a memory no participant is likely to forget and neither will you. Prettylisa is rough, hard & perverted so be warned.

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Fecal Feast – Hightide-Video

Fecal Feast - Hightide-Video

When Gina orgasms the floodgates open and this Italian hottie cums best with shit, piss and cum in her mouth. Susann, our living toilet girl, provides the goodies for the get together. There never seems to be enough piss and shit for these girls so two doners have to help out these oversexed pervs which turns this into a true fecal feast among genuine shit sex lovers.

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Toilet Dreamers (Pretty Lisa) – Hightide-Video

Toilet Dreamers (Pretty Lisa) - Hightide-Video

Lisa is being filmed during one of her frequent encounters with a fellow male scat swinger to engage in ultra-dirty scat and vomit games . Hungry with brown desires, this video delivers the goods the way only Prettylisa can . Ultra hard, ultra slutty and perverted to the max. Be warned! Be amazed!
This is one of Lisa’s prvately made amateur videos. What you see is real and unique. Although shot with digital video equipment, please note that this video is amateur style and the light conditions in the bookstore not favourable. We dedided to leave it as raw, unaltered and unedited as possible to preserve the power and authenticity of the orignal material.If you like things sexy, glamorous and stylish this is a no go. Prettylisa is rough, hard & perverted so be warned.

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