London Scat Party 3 – Hightide-Video

London Scat Party 3 - Hightide-Video

Lara & Phyllis Joy were the star guests of a perverted party in London. Shit and piss galore for the eager guests who did their very best to gave the girls a taste of British kinkines. Phyllis loved to be messed up by so many guys and got into it bigtime, swallowing several loads of fresh shit on camera. Incredible and over 90 minutes of non-stop perversion.

Hightide-Video – London Scat part 2 (Featuring Lara)

London Scat part 2 - Hightide-Video

Lara was invited to participate in a private scat party in London. Parts of the event were flmed by one of the guests and this is th raw, virtually unedited material of this very extreme and perverted get-together of a group of heavy shit and piss lovers. Of course, Lara does her best to please the crowd and she has several genuine orgasms as she is receiving anal sex from one of the participants.

Shit Eater 4 – Louise Hunter and PrettyLisa

Shit Eater 4 - Louise Hunter and PrettyLisa

Long-awaited a meeting of two most extreme ladies in the world of races. Louise Hunter and Prettylisa is shit and to drink urine as though it there was a race which can swallow more. Lisa an ability multi-orgasm to put to test in quality receives a fist banged, tore on both ladies and have wallowed in infinite sttream brown and yellow souls.
Ultra-extreme the maintenance as you could expect from Lizy and Louise.

Shit Eater 2 – Louise Hunter and Lara

Shit Eater 2 - Louise Hunter and Lara

Louise Hunter comes back to the beginning its excesses of a part of the first. This time Lara joins to dirty cheerfully and gives set of corporal liquids for Louise, and on the contrary. The louse consumes all directly from a source, this girl should be to see to believe. Ultra-rigid wet, shit and vomit games as extreme as it can receive.

London Scat Party

London Scat Party

Phillis Joy removed a row extremely urine and shit of the party for special guests for the last years. Very strange meetings some of them have been fixed on video, and you won’t believe the eyes when you see extreme games she is the perverted woman acts with party of guests. Be careful: contains real, original a dispersion food. Please, pay attention that quality of video and amateur works “amateur style”, and that faces of some guests are dim with a view of as they want to remain the unknown. The present document in a perversion, won’t suffice.

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