Memorial 5 – DGT 05 (Warning Blood)

Memorial 5 - DGT 05

The sadist scoffs at the victim suspends the girl head over heels kicks with her feet from all forces, then adheres to a chair and pierces its breast spokes.
After that he nails up a breast of the girl to a wooden board and cuts out a scalpel on a breast a word.
Brutal Japanese BDSM.

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Slavegirl Mei (The Experiment) – ShadowSlaves

Slavegirl Mei (The Experiment) - ShadowSlaves

Tiny Polynesian powerhouse Mei is a tough cookie. Magick takes it upon himself to see just how far this uber-masochistic young girl can go before she breaks. Bound tightly into an examination chair, she’s looking relaxed and happy as the experiment begins – she knows it’s never going to be an easy ride at ShadowSlaves, but little Mei is not one to be easily intimidated.

What follows is an exploration of agony, terror and physical and mental stress that delves into the realms of pure nightmare – a place few people will ever travel and even less would actively seek. Mei is treated as nothing more than a laboratory animal, trapped in an experiment devised in Hell, with no motive but to increase her suffering to a point beyond her darkest imagination. The horror is very real, as is her fear and misery.

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